Sep 20, 2009

So much to do!

Since I'm currently unemployed I get to tackle a bunch of house projects. Yay me! [Please note: I'm using as much sarcasm as possible when I just said that]

To Do List:
  1. Clean garage [I currently have 11 boxes of sorted business invoices & receipts, camping gear, motorcycles, and tables I have to put away]
  2. Take 11 boxes of sorted business invoices and receipts & take them to Palmer [45 miles from me] and drop them off at the shop.
  3. Pack camping gear in shed
  4. Clean shed so I can fit camping gear in it
  5. Rake up all the leaves
  6. Take my truck in and get it winterized [Change oil, add all fluids, check tire tread, make sure 4 wheel drive is working properly]
  7. Clean out dead flowers out of the flower beds
  8. Pack up everything in the downstairs office for remodel
  9. Rent a floor scrubber to clean the linoleum downstairs
  10. Winterize lawn mower
  11. Fix damn mailbox. It's getting it's lean on right now LoL
  12. Clean canoes and prop them under the front deck
  13. Empty all dead plant pots and put in shed
  14. Clean out truck and put all winter gear in it
  15. Scrub out freezer in garage and house
  16. Organize all oil, window washer fluid, antifreeze to an easy spot in garage
  17. 389394948339 loads of laundry
  18. Find all of our winter gear [Gloves, scarves, sweaters, hoodies, winter coats]
That's all I can think of at the moment. I'm sure there's a bunch more that I need to get done.
Can you tell I'm getting ready for winter?
That's right...I saw a speck of snow on the mountains.
Winter is coming!!

Hope I can stay focused all week and get them done.
Feel free to come help if you want...I pay in delicious cookies and cupcakes.

Hope everyone has a great Monday!


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