Sep 12, 2009

Weekly Praise and Prayer [Edition 16]

The LORD will keep you from all harm- he will watch over your life.
Psalms 121:7 (NIV)
This past week, I've been really reading Psalms and concentrating on a lot of the passages. I don't know why. They've just been speaking to me.
Like always, please help me praise and pray for those that I've listed. 
Of course leave comments if I can pray or praise anything that's going on in your lives.

Trudy @ Third Time's a Charm [She's pregnant!]
Genevie [Released from hospital with successful hip replacement]
Co-worker M [Reached her destination to be with her deceased father]
Hubs [Started his externship...FINALLY]

Georgie @ Decisonally Challenged [Father is going through more chemo for cancer]
Hubs [Do well in his externship & gets hired afterward]
Zak [Arrested and in jail]
Me [TTC. I'm very frustrated.]
Family of Chad Wylie [Family friend who died on the highway
Co-worker P [Mother is still very ill]
Genny [Continue with a healthy pregnancy]**
Trudy [Healthy pregnancy]
Amy and her family [Dealing with medical problems]

** = another post on why I'm so worried about my sister's pregnancy coming soon!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and has a blessed and fantastic week ahead!



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