Sep 10, 2009

You are NOT the father!

Growing up, I lived with a man who I called "dad".
Everything was hunky dory until one day, I was told that the man I called "dad" was not really my dad.
After my "dad" passed away, I was pretty persistent about knowing who my biological father was.

There was a man out there who fathered me, but my mother was a very sneaky person and wouldn't tell me who it was.

Well, after a lot of bitching and moaning, my mother crumbled and told me who he is.

As soon as I got his name, I instantly searched and found his address, phone number, his profession, and his email address to his work.

I got pretty busy with life and such and I was searching through my address book and came across his name and stared thinking about contacting him.
The thing is...I have no idea what I would say, how I would say it, or if he would want to even talk to me.
I have such a fear of rejection that I get ill just thinking about contacting him.
I'm not looking at calling him "dad" or anything, but I would like to talk to him. My mother refuses to talk about him and told me that if I want to know anything, I have to get it out of this man.

Any suggestions?


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