Oct 1, 2009

Friday Update

I've been so busy with running around everywhere I haven't had time to do anything!

I finally just got caught up on Myspace, Facebook, and read most of the blogs.

So here's a bullet list of what my week has been like.

BEWARE: It's long...

  • Went in at 10am to see Jack, who was the one who interviewed me for my second interview. It turns out that he's the CEO and I didn't find out until after I talked to him. I felt like an ass because we were rambling like 2 friends. He was super impressed with me and gave me the job a minute after I got there. He just wanted to sweat me out! Ha!
  • After talking with Jack, I was sent in to see his wife (who works there as well) and she gave me this HUGE list of things that I had to get done before orientation on Wednesday. The list included:
        • Fingerprinting
        • Drug test
        • 4 online courses on Blood borne Pathogens, Infection Control, HIPAA Security Rule, and HIPAA Regulations
        • TB test
        • Hepatitis B shot
        • A copy of my auto insurance policy (which my husband and I forgot to add me to, so we had to call them and add me to their policy. Turns out, I didn't need it after all because they ended up not wanting me to help out in one area. They want me strictly at the hospital. But it's ok, adding me to my husband's policy lowered our monthly payment by $25!)
  • So I ran ALL OVER the effing town and did it all...In one day!
  • Got to the hospital for the TB test, and because I'm working strictly in the hospital, they gave me a flu shot and tested me for Chicken Pox. I wasn't immune so I had to have a chicken pox vaccine! Craziness!
  • Still cleaning out the garage. It's neverending!
  • Did some laundry
  • Took the rest of the 4 online courses I had to have done before orientation
  • Went to bed early
  • Got up bright and early for orientation
  • Sat through the WHOLE thing...bored out of my mind. I've always hated orientations
  • Had some tasty lunch that the company ordered. Baked chicken, greek pasta salad, coleslaw, and a diet coke. Yum!
  • Finished the last half of the boring orientation
  • Got my scrubs, name badge, and talked to Jack some more
  • Got out of orientation early, but had to go BACK to the hospital to have my TB test read. Negative. Yay!
  • Picked up Hubs from work
  • Cooked dinner and ate
  • Went to bed at 7pm....that's right folks...7pm! I haven't been to bed early in 6 years!!
  • Woke up and checked my bank account and realized that my last check from my former employer was not in my account, so I call them up. The lady in personnel told me to come in because it was sitting on her desk.
  • Went outside and warmed up the car because it was 36 degrees this morning!! Where did fall go??
  • Got to my former employers and went to personnel. The lady gave me an envelope and I open it. It was a check for $0. Yeah...ZERO. I was supposed to have 30 hours of sick pay on that check because I had to call in for 3 days at the beginning of the pay period before I was let go.
  • I start asking what happened with my 30 hours that was supposed to be on the check...I was told by the manager on my exit interview that it would all be on my check, that I had nothing to worry about. Turns out, that manager lied to me. I AM BEYOND FURIOUS!
  • I'm just glad I don't have to deal with that asshole of a company anymore! Hallelujah!
So that was my 4 days at the beginning of the week. Today I plan on finishing the garage, then heading over to my brother-in-law's house to hang out with his girlfriend and have a few drinks with her while the guys play video games.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

P.S. I can't believe it's October already! Weren't we just telling everyone happy September?


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