Oct 5, 2009

Good Morning!

I thought I would do a morning post real quick while I'm waiting for orientation to start.

I hate that I had to do an orientation with one company then do another orientation with the hospital.

For those of you who are new to my blog, I used to work in the dreaded retail area (which sucks!) before I was canned.

Well being canned was the best thing that could happen because I was incredibly unhappy and bitchy.

My sister-in-law was awesome enough to tell me her company was hiring for a position in the hospital, so I went in and put my application in. Before the week was up, I was hired!

So now I'll be on the Lift Team at the hospital. My job is going wherever I'm paged to and transport patients to MRI, CT, surgery, etc. As well as helping them to their beds, the restroom, and discharge.

So now I sit her, at the hospital, waiting for a stinkin' 2 day orientation.

So I thought I'd list my 10 things on why I hate orientation.

1. It's usually at a butt crack of dawn.

2. You have to sit in a tiny room with a bunch of people.

3. The person conducting the interview usually is boring.

4. The room is usually extremely hot, or extremely cold (I actually planned for both and dressed in layers!)

5. Horrible coffee

6. Reading through the 50 page employee book page by page, including legal mumbo jumbo.

7. Never enough breaks. They think because you're sitting there, it's ok to talk for 5 hours before you get a break.

8. Uncomfortable chairs.

9. Hand starts cramping after them having you sign ALL papers at end of the class instead of during as you go over them.

10. An orientation that lasts 2 days. I thought 1 day was bad.

So I hope you guys have a great Monday!

If there are any mistakes, please ignore. I'm texting all of this on my BlackBerry LoL.

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