Oct 11, 2009

Survived my first week!

I'm surprised actually.
I survived with only a little bit of pain in the legs and a huge bruise that goes across my back from trying to squeeze my big butt into the elevator with an ortho bed LoL.

Doesn't compare to some of the battle wounds I've seen on my friend Carrie. She keeps banging her ankles on the bar that pokes out the front of most of the beds.
It's brutal.

I enjoy seeing the patients though and being able to help them. The nurses and some of the techs and docs are pretty cool, but I've come across some real bitches.
I guess it's part of "being new", but from what Carrie and my lead tell me, they are bitches to everyone.

Everyone on the team is being pretty decent to me minus one particular person, but that's being taken care of.
My new boss freakin' rocks.

So I thought I'd check in with everyone since I've been a little MIA.
Hope everyone has a happy Monday!


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