Oct 18, 2009

Weekly Praise and Prayer [Edition 19]

Keep your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking lies.
Psalms 34:13 (NIV)

This week I want to focus on some prayers. These ladies really need them.
Breast cancer hits home with me because I watched my mother go through treatments and beat it at the age of 35.
She was so strong and never let anything slow her down. She was a single mother of 4 kids and worked all through the treatments.

I have 2 very close ladies to me that recently found lumps in their breasts and went to the doctors.
Please pray for them.
They need all they can get.

The other lady has been in ICU for quite awhile after getting 6 inches of her colon removed due to a massive infection. She's still fighting the infection.

Aunt Jessica [Docs found a lump in her breast. They're doing some tests to see if it's benign]
Shannon [Docs found a lump in her breast]
Ellie [Still in ICU from her emergency surgery]

Hope everyone had a great weekend and has a blessed and fantastic week ahead!
As always, if you need any prayers, feel free to contact me.


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