Nov 22, 2009

Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha goin' do...

As I've mentioned on Twitter late Friday/early Saturday, I had to call 911 for the first time in AGES.
Around 2:30am, my sister calls me in hysterics telling me she's getting her ass kicked by a chick and guys are there and aren't helping her, but rather they were helping the chick.

I was pissed and rushed out of the door ready to go over there. Well, my husband tagged along and told me to call the police on my way over there.
I was pissed and ready to just beat the crap out of the people that were hurting her, that I thought I better call the police so I don't get put in jail.
So I called...

The dispatcher asked where I was and I told her I was on my way over to my sister's house.
She told me to meet the police by the school where my sister lives and to turn on my hazards so he could find me.

Two cops pulled up next to my car and I told them about the phone call I got from my sister saying she got her ass kicked by a girl and a few guys.
They asked me if she was throwing a party, and I told them no, it was her roommates that were throwing the party.
I then told them I called them as an escort because I want to get her out of that house and bring her home with me for the night.
Well the cops told me to follow them and park on the side of the street across from her house and to wait for her to come out.
So my husband and I were there waiting for the cops to get my sister out of the house, when we saw the cops disappear then my sister appeared.
I got out of the truck and walked up to my sister while another cop pulled up and started getting her story.
Once she told them everything, the cop told us to go back to the truck and sit tight for a bit while they enter the house.
As my sister and I walk back to my truck, ANOTHER cop car pulled up and got out and ran to the house. All of a sudden, there were 8 cop cars surrounding the street and the house.

Here's pics of all 8! Some are hard to see...couldn't use my flash.

There's 2 in here, then the corner of one in front of me

One right in front of me.

 Cop #4 rolling by

Cop #5 is really hard to see, but it was parked across the street out of the way.

Cop #6 pulling up beside me

Cop #7 driving by to get behind the house

Lastly, Cop #8 pulling up behind me

The reason so many cops showed up is because my sister mentioned that some of the occupants at the party were carrying weapons.
As we sat there in my truck from across the street, we saw cops go in and groups of people coming out of this house. I didn't know this small house could hold that many people. I lost count at 52.
The cops kept bringing them out in groups after finding them hiding in all kinds of places.

They asked my sister what the girl looked like that was assaulting her and she gave them a description.
The cops found her and brought her to my truck and asked my sister if she was the one, and she said yes, so they arrested her right there.
Along with her, there were 3 other guys.
After doing a head count on everyone, they sent taxis to pick up the rest because guess what?
Anyone older than 18 was arrested, but later let go.

I told my sister when she moved, she didn't belong there. She lives in a neighborhood known for gang related violence. Not to mention, she obviously lives with people that don't respect her. I would never through a party unless I had permission from ALL roommates.
The other 2 roommates also got assaulted as a result of this.
Another roommate blames my sister for calling the cops and his excuse for all of this that happened is, "It's a house party. What do you expect?"

Let's just say that my sister will be finding new roommates.

And this ties in to my Six Word Saturday post of NEVER HAVE A PARTY IN FAIRVIEW!!!
Nothing ever good comes out of that neighborhood on a Friday night.

My sister is doing alright. I looked at her face and she has a black eye and some bruising on her cheek. As well as some bruising on her body due to the kicking they did. The cops took a picture of it and gave me the case number.

And you're all probably wondering why they started hitting my sister...
It was over music.
Yes, that stupid of an excuse.


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