Nov 5, 2009

Random things [with pictures]

There's so much randomness that I'm going to bullet everything.
Coz everyone loves bullets!!
  • It's been so crazy since I moved. I absolutely love living with Justin and Carrie because there's no bitching, no drunk mother-in-law, and I can sit and veg out after a hard day of work without anyone bitching at me.
  • Work has got me so tired! I started working my four days, 10 hour shifts and I like the 3 days off work. Gives me lots of time to recuperate from the body aches.
  • I think I found a job I really enjoy. It's different and busy, although there's quite a few people I don't like because of their attitudes, but that goes with any job. It's really hard though. Today I was holding a patient that took her last breath. Intensive Care Unit is my least favorite place to go, but the nurses rock.
  • So many of you long time followers know that my mother-in-law has a drinking problem and she likes to take it out on anyone who is near. Something happened last Sunday, which I might blog about another day. She still has not called and apologized to me. I will not be going over for Sunday dinner until she does.
  • I'm finding it harder to keep up with regular shows that I used to watch. I may have to say goodbye to some of them.
  • I hate that I'm gaining muscles while losing weight. I was losing weight consistently, then I started getting muscles. I just want to lose the weight first dammit!
  • I'm really starting to hate my Blackberry. It's not doing what I want it to do! Seriously thinking about dropping my service provider once hubby starts working and going with someone else.
  • One more month and it's Hubs and my 1 year anniversary. Craziness. I have no idea what we should do.
Now here's some pictures!!

I'm really getting depressed with losing daylight. We're down to 8 hours a day! I miss my 22 hours of daylight.
I was on the 5th floor at work and was so depressed when I looked out the window at almost 4:30pm. This is what I saw....

The street lights are coming on and the sun is gone. At 4:30pm!!!
It's not fair!

Snow has not graced our presence in Anchorage yet and I'm happy! I'd love to go the whole winter with negative 20 degrees and no snow. That's my perfect winter. I hate driving in the frozen stuff.
But the mountains are beautiful.

Crappy phone pic

Another thing I hate about winter is the moose. Don't get me wrong...I love them to death, but I hate that they come around in town and don't look both ways before crossing streets and stuff. I've almost hit them so many times!!
This is a picture of 2 moose in our parking lot at work. It was hilarious because you see people walking out of the hospital and into the parking lot, only to notice them a little too late and start running!


Well that's all I have for now.
I'm going to go to bed and enjoy my 3 day weekend.
Oh yeah!!


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