Nov 21, 2009

Sunday Praise & Worship [Edition 20]

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.
2 Corinthians 3:17 (NIV)
So lots has been happening, and I have a lot of things that need to be prayed over. So if you don't mind, this post is going to be all about needed prayers.
Hub's family [Great uncle Ben passed away last Saturday and the family is in lots of mourning and sad]
My Grampa [Diagnosed with prostate cancer. Hoping the biopsy comes back slightly abnormal and hope it's easy to get rid of]
Megan and her baby Bella [Bella has had some horrible health issues. She was diagnosed with some kind reflux in her urinary system where she had to have surgery in hopes of fixing it. While in the hospital, she got more and more sick]
Trudy and her baby [Having some complications with some bleeding, but doctors are saying the baby is safe and there's a nice heartbeat. She has a doctor appointment on Thursday to confirm the ER results]
Carrie [Her mom found a lump and is having surgery on Monday]
Genny [Healthy pregnancy]
Steve [Was given the diagnosis of "Cancer Free" and has an appointment to check up after 3 months to make sure he is still cancer free]
Debbie [Her alcoholism is getting out of control]
Hubs [Needs a job!]

Hope everyone had a great weekend and has a blessed and fantastic week ahead!
As always, if you need any prayers, feel free to contact me.


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