Dec 17, 2009

Horrible movie and a shoulder update

I've always been a Jack Black fan and I've really enjoyed Michael Cera ever since I seen Juno.
So I thought I would rent this movie since they have BOTH of them in it.

Well it sucked!!!
I had to turn it off half way through the movie because it was killing me.
Bad idea...

On another note, I went to my MRI yesterday.

I went into the Alaska Spine Institute because apparently they are the best at Arthograms, but it was a horrible experience.
They were doing construction in the middle of waiting room.
I got called back and they put me in this room and told me to take off my bra and shirt and put on a hospital gown so I could go to the Xray first.
So I did, and I'm sure most of you know, if you've been in a hospital gown, that they don't fit right and you feel exposed.
Well they made me wait in the hallway wearing this hospital gown with construction workers running around and I'm all feeling exposed.
It was horrible. I even asked for a sheet or blanket and they said they didn't have any.

Well I went into xray because I had to have this dye injected into my shoulder.

The doctor numbed me a little bit which of course burns, but when he tried injecting the dye into my shoulder, it hurt so bad!
He said it wasn't going in very well because I guess my shoulder is inflammed.
Anyone know what the needle looks like that you use to blow up a basketball???
He stuck this huge thing into my shoulder while I'm laying on the table and thread this tube into my joint then injected the dye.
It hurt so bad.

Once he was done with that, I was given a sweatshirt to put on then walked over to the MRI.
I then had to put this thing on my shoulder that reminds me of a one sided football shoulder pad that the tech strapped around me.
I laid on the table and put my ear plugs in and was pushed into the machine.

I got to listen to 35 minutes of what sounded like horses running, then jack hammering, then some alien sounding screeching.
It was complete torture!
I thought I was going to have a panic attack because it's a tight fit, but the tech was nice and talked me through it the whole time I was in there.

The results won't be ready for 2-3 days, but my appointment isn't until Christmas Eve at 10am.
I'm able to move my arm more, but it still aches pretty bad and I can feeling the swelling on the inside.
I really hope I don't need surgery.


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