Dec 18, 2009

I got my first hate mail!

Yep, it's true.
Someone sent me a hate mail email because of the infamous @madisonmcgraw.
If you've lived under a rock, she's the one that ruffled a lot of feathers about Shellie Ross who lost her 2 year old son in a drowning accident.

I just want to say that I do not agree with all the drama that has risen from this story.
I do not agree with all the things she has said, her appearances she has made on MSNBC, or pushing books about the subject.
I feel deeply for Shellie Ross for losing her son, because I know what it's like to lose a child.
I've sent my deepest sincere regards to her.

While on Twitter only a few hours ago, I simply responded to a tweet that @madisonmcgraw had posted...unrelated to the little boy.
And someone had enough nerve to email me and ask me why I have bible quotes on my page while talking to someone of that nature.

Here's the email:
*I've deleted her name to be nice.

Hello Nikke,
You don't know me but I saw your twitter stream conversation with Madison McGraw. 
We all know she is hiding behind several names so I'll just refer to her as that...

It confuses me why you would place bible quotes on your web page while aligning yourself
with a person such as that?
I'm no "mommy-blogger" so you can just spare the usual labeling you so callously put out there.  I'm a medical professional of nearly 20 years who has seen the best and worst of human nature.
I have also seen a lot of accidents and death.  I am not a parent. 

You need to read this and pass it on to "Madison" ~  ***LINK DELETED TO HER BLOG***
Perhaps it's not too late for her to change her karmic sentence.  She's really paving
the way for spiritual pain in her future.  It's not too late to apologize... publicly.  That would be the only right thing to do here, ... not hiding behind protective tweets.  Any books she sells under these circumstances are hollow accomplishments tainted with the exploitation of a little boy's death.  I hope she knows how many people she has hurt by exposing her lack of conscience.
 And and to let you know...I've replied to Madison McGraw exactly 3 times....THREE!

@madisonmcgraw I've been duped before...badly. Nothing wrong with verifying 1st.
@madisonmcgraw Some people just don't think. It's extremely sad.
@madisonmcgraw Yeah it is upsetting. Where do all these so-called Mommy Bloggers find the time to post 5-7 posts in a day???

I in no way support her, I am not "friends" with her, and I don't plan on getting mixed up in this drama.
I just simply replied to something she said completely unrelated to the boy except the first tweet where I said nothing wrong with verifying a story first.

If people were asking me for donations because their son died, I would definitely want the story if they are asking me to open up my pocketbook. My arms are ALWAYS open emotionally for people in crisis.

And what does my having bible quotes on my page have anything to do with this.
This lady is clearly eating too many of those fruit loops.
It's not my place to judge ANYONE. 
And me replying to a person on twitter is not a sin.
No matter how bad of a person they are.

I have bible quotes on my page because I like the inspirational things they say, as do my readers.
I'm not a perfect person. I make mistakes, I let my temper get to me, I sin...but so does everyone.
I have them on there BECAUSE I WANT TO!

So enough of this crap.
I didn't think I would post anything about Shellie Ross and her son, but this will be my one and ONLY post because this lady kind of irritated me by sending me this crackpot email that had absoultely nothing to do with what I said to her.

So lady, have a nice life. Since you so clearly stalked my Twitter feed and MY blog to get my email address.
Learn to get all your facts on a story before sending out crazy emails.
It makes you look like a crazy lady.

This message brought to you by Six Word Saturday over at Cate @ ShowMyFace.
Check her out and see what everyone else is saying in 6 words or less!


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