Dec 8, 2009

In need of a new doctor

As I've posted before, my Grampa was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer a few weeks ago.
Of all things, he told me in an email while telling me about his garden that he was harvesting....he's crazy.

Well I decided I would send him an email back asking him how the biopsy went, what the doctors planned on doing, and if he thought of what he wanted to do in regards to his treatment.
He sent me a message back a few hours later telling me that his doctor will not even set an appointment with him. He basically quit on my Grampa!!

From the sound of the email, my Grampa's new doctor is some 30-something-year-old guy that has no bedside manner what-so-ever and doesn't even look his patients in the eye.
He gets them in and out and doesn't explain anything.
When my Grampa was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, he asked me what that meant and what his options were.

Well after talking to my aunt, she's going to have my Grampa come stay with her for a few months so he can get looked at by his old doctor that he absolutely loves.
He'll be able to get his tests done again and he's old doctor WILL sit down and talk to him about his options and everything. Plus, his doctor will talk to me because he knows me and knows I can explain things better to my Grampa.

I just hope he can get it done soon so we know which path to take for his healing.


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