Dec 23, 2009

Meet Mighty Moose

There's lots of moose in Alaska.
Many people think they are out in the woods doing their moose thing, but in the wintertime, they like to wander into town and eat the trees that are planted downtown because they have nice tasty red berries.

It can be dangerous with there hardly being any daylight and the fact that moose just don't care about anything.
They will walk out in front of you and not even flinch or run away if you honk at them or anything.

I just happened to have been sitting in my car one day waiting for my husband to get out of an appointment when I heard this noise next to me.
I looked up and almost crapped my pants when I saw this:



I just prayed he wouldn't look over at me and step on my car!
They are beautiful animals though.

P.S. 2 more days until Christmas!


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