Dec 10, 2009

Never push a hospital bed with someone who doesn't know what they're doing

Because it's a disaster!

So like I've mentioned before, I got hurt at work.
It happened Tuesday while moving a patient to another floor in his bed.

We were short handed because our boss gave another co-worker time off and sent us a replacement who didn't know what they were doing at all!!

We got a page to move a patient from one floor to another, so I showed up along with another co-worker. We gathered all of his stuff and had his family follow us up to his new floor where he would be.
Once we got up there, the guy that was filling in, decided he wanted to take over for my co-worker and started to push the bed.

Well each floor has carpet and I think it's the most ridiculous thing to have ever!! It's so hard to move beds on carpet...

Well he wasn't pushing very hard, so I turned around and started pulling at the foot of the bed.
We had to go around a corner, so I faced away from the bed and used my arm to guide the bed around the corner.
Well all of a sudden, the guy helping me thought we were done pushing, so he stopped the bed and yanked back on it...taking my arm and shoulder with it!

I felt this pop and a surge of pain go to my shoulder. So I told him we had to go to the room and he says, "Oh, I thought we were leaving him here."

In the hallway??!??
You have got to be kidding me!

Well he pushed the bed a few more feet into the room and I plugged it in with my other arm then rushed out of the room and ran to the bathroom down the hall where I screamed and looked at my shoulder.
I didn't see anything, but it hurt like hell.
I told my other co-worker who is the supervisor there, and she called the office and told me that I needed to go to the ER there at the hospital and have them look at it.

So I get down to the ER and boy that was embarrassing.
I work with these people!

They did x-rays and didn't find anything dislocated, or broken so that's a good thing.
Now I just have to get into see an orthopedic surgeon to see if anything is torn and needs repair.

So remember, don't ever do anything that could hurt you with someone you don't trust!


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