Dec 5, 2009

People really do love me!

Yesterday had been such a giving day.
I got things from many people.

Rabbit over at Redhead Dancing was awesome enough to give me an award. Thanks Rabbit!

I also got an invitation to a friend's wedding in January that I'm really excited to go to.

This morning, I woke up to a package next to my head.
I didn't recognize the sender's address, so I sat up and opened the package.
When I read the card, I instantly knew who it was and I was so shocked and extremely touched by this true act of kindness.

Yaya over at Yaya Stuff was kind enough to send a care package to my address that I guess my mother requested.
Inside of the care package, there was her name spelled out in crayons, a guardian angel pin, a wonderful card that she wrote in and added some flowers, a soft blankie, feather wings, and a bracelet that says Remembering our Precious Baby.


I think I sat on my bed for a good 20 minutes crying.
I am so grateful for receiving such a great package.
For some of the new readers, Katelynn is my baby that I lost while I was about 6 months pregnant due to my placenta rupturing.
So a huge THANK YOU to Yaya!!


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