Dec 13, 2009

'Tis the season to show some appreciation!

Ready to do something extra
meaningful this holiday season?
I've found the perfect way, and it only
takes a couple minutes of your time.
If you've ever wanted to
thank a soldier,
there's no better time than now.

It's as simple as this:

Go to
Pick a design you like.
Enter your name, town, and state.
Choose a message or create your own.
Click submit.
That's it!

This is not a sales gimmick,
or any of that retarded crap.
Yes, I said retarded crap.

Guess that shows that I'm taking the time
to spread the word myself.

So please,
whether you take the time
to go to this site or not,
Spread the word!
I can't think of any better gift
than to send a free postcard
to a soldier, showing him or her
that you care and have them in your
thoughts this holiday season.

They can't be home,
with their families,
for the holiday.

Because they're in some crappy country
fighting for OUR freedom.
The least you could do
is send them a postcard.
To everyone that doesn't
believe in the whole
"It's the thought that counts" theory,
think again.

The Soldier

Your postcard could mean
the world to a soldier.
It can keep their hopes up
and their heads held high.
It shows them that their bravery
does not go without notice.
It shows them that all of
their fallen brothers and sisters
are not forgotten,
nor are they.
It lets them know that they are forever
in our thoughts and prayers
and we all hope for their safe return.

Thank you


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