Dec 2, 2009

Teen bullying gone too far? [Explicit]

I was reading my Twitter feed last night and I came across a tweet from Dr. Phil (yes, I follow him. Don't judge!) and read a post about teen bullying. Go ahead and click here if you want to read it and get on the same page with me.

If you don't feel like reading's a short summary...

There was a 15 year old girl, Alyssa Bustamante, in Missouri that decided she was going to kill her 9 year old neighbor.
Yes folks, that's right, KILL her 9 year old neighbor.
And she did it in a gruesome way.
She decided to strangle the 9 year old, then cut her throat and buried her in a shallow grave in the woods.

Are you kidding me??
I could never think a 15 year old was capable of doing that, but I guess I'm kind of behind times a bit. My jaw hit the floor as I was reading it to my sister-in-law, in which she too dropped her jaw.

A few articles mentioned that she bullied her for quite some time while she lived at a friend's house close to the 9 year old.
Police quote her as saying "I just wanted to see what it felt like".

I was bullied as a child and it wasn't fun, but children in my time never bullied like they do now. Teens are getting more and more dangerous.
The judge has decided to try Alyssa Bustamante as an adult which I agree with.
What was going through her head??
I'm sure we'll find out as the case is investigated.

My heart goes out to BOTH families.


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