Dec 15, 2009

Weekend update

So this weekend, I about went stir crazy not doing anything!!
I really hate not working right now.

Between having some kind of stomach problem, a pain killer induced sleep, and sleeping wonky hours, Carrie and I decided to put together our gingerbread house for the contest at work.

Here's some pictures!

This was the beginning. It took us FOREVER to get the damn thing to stay up. We were using that icing, which by the way should NOT be edible. It was like straight caulking you use to seal your tub in the bathroom!!
So after seeing it all ooze out of the sides, Carrie and I decided to make a midnight run to Walmart for more supplies.

So, it's starting to look a little better. We decided to frost the WHOLE thing and add decorations to it later.
It took us like 3 hours just to do this LoL.
I've never made a gingerbread house before, so it was quite hilarious.

And this is the finished product!
Not too shabby for my first time making one LoL
Now we just have to come up with a name for it.

Any suggestions??

Also, I got some pretty good ice tree pictures. It's been so friggin cold here lately and I actually went outside when we decided to go to Walmart, so I snapped some pictures.



Neat huh?
Everything is covered in ice here.
Supposed to snow some more, but it's going to freeze again since they are predicting negative 20 degree weather.
Not looking forward to that!!!


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