Jan 30, 2010

New gadget for charting to TTC [Not a post for boys...sorry guys!]

So as many of you know, I've been trying to conceive for about a year after having a miscarriage.
Not too easy when you have PCOS!!

Doctors have told me I need to chart so I know more about my cycles and ovulating and everything else, but I have found that it's hard to fall into a routine!

Who wants to wake up and take their temperature, remember it when still in a sleepy fog and fumble around for a paper chart and a pen?
That was when a lightbulb flicked on...

My sister-in-law, Carrie, also suffers from PCOS, so we go through the same things.
She wanted to start charting as well, so we sat down in the living room on our iPhones and searched for an app that we could use that would be easier.

That was when Carrie found an awesome app.
It's called Women's Calendar.
This thing freakin' charts EVERYTHING!

Just a note: This is NOT from my phone. I chose to use pictures I found on the site because I don't think you all want to know when I have my period, have sex, cramp, etc. 
You're welcome!

Starts off with your standard calendar view where you can see all the icons for things.

 Shows a chart with your BBT

 Predicts when your next cycle will start, safe days to have sex (if you wanna play safe), your fertile days, and your predicted ovulation date.

 Shows average cycle days which it remembers and changes your forecast

 Spot to put in all of your information

 More symptoms to mark and a place to place notes

 Even let's you make 3 custom fields

 And let's you change the preferences so you can override irregular cycles

 You can even export it to your mail so you can email it to your doctor or print it out and take it to your appointment.

I have found it a lot easier to keep track of everything so I can change it or record things on the go as they happen.
I don't have to make a mental note anymore!
I've been using it for a whole month now and have been very happy with all the features.
I highly recommend it for anyone who likes to keep a chart.
I have found it's really easy to see when I might be getting near that time of the month as well being able to see when I feel bloated, have headaches, or cramps.

I just hope I can continue to use it faithfully so I can see what's going on and hopefully better understand my cycles so I can try and conceive!

Jan 29, 2010

The weekend is here!!

I'm free until Monday morning!

My plans for this weekend is to lay back and have a relaxing night with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law while watching the end of season 2 of Grey's Anatomy.
Yeah, really exciting!

I still have to do my taxes, take advantage of the warm weather and clean my dirty truck, and do some laundry.

See? Super dirty!!

I have to get 2 of my wisdom teeth pulled next Friday so I have lots to do.

Happy weekend everyone!!

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Jan 28, 2010

Down with the sickness [with some randomness...free of charge of course]

So everyone in my house is sick...except me (knocks on wood).
I can feel it coming but my body's immune army is fighting it off. Good little army!!

So today is day 6 that Hubs has been gone. 10 more days left!!
I never realized how lonely it is without him.
With brother-in-law in his man-cave playing the new Mass Effect 2 game and sister-in-law sick on the couch, I've been spending a lot of alone time with little 'ol me.
I'm a very boring individual!

Tomorrow I have to go to Uncle John's to pack things and meet some medical supply guys to come pick up his oxygen machine.
He was buried on Tuesday in Petersburg, Alaska where he was born.
It still doesn't seem real.

Hopefully I can meet someone for lunch.
Hubs has a really good friend from high school that offered to meet me, so I may hit her up if the stupid medical supply guys show up early enough.
I have to drive over there and wait between 9am and 1pm because they refuse to set up a specific time...like they are cable guys or something!

Well that's enough rambling for me.
I finally got a page and need to get back to work.

Hope everyone is enjoying there week!
Who has plans for the weekend?

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Jan 24, 2010

More birth pictures of my niece [picture heavy]

Here's some more pictures I took after my sister gave birth.
We were allowed to see Julia in the NICU nursery and they were kind enough to let me take pictures.
She was put on oxygen for 2 days and hooked up to monitors just to make sure everything was ok.
Julia was sent home 2 days later!













Jan 22, 2010

I'm going to miss my husband

We had the funeral for Uncle John yesterday afternoon and it was the most sad thing ever!
I had to do the eulogy and I think I cried through the whole thing.

Because Aaron was given Uncle John's Tlingit name, he's going to Juneau, Petersburg, and Kake, Alaska so everyone down there can go through the funeral. He has a lot of family down there and his mom asked if he would go. He's going to be gone for almost 2.5 weeks!

We've never been away from each other since we've dated or got married.

It's going to be hard =[

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Meet my niece

So I thought it would be about time that I wrote a post about my new niece!

My brother called me around 4:30am on January 7th and told me that he thought my sister, Genny, was in labor.
I asked him where she was, and he told me she was in the shower. I told him it was probably false labor because she wasn't due until the 20th, so I told him to call me if anything changed and he better make it important because I had to be up at 6am to go to work. I got a phone call 20 minutes later saying she was on the way to the hospital because she thought she lost her mucus plug.

I called my sister right away and she finally answered after about the millionth time I tried calling her, and she told me she was at the hospital and the doctor said she's 6cm dilated. I was freaking out!!
Genny told me to hurry up and get to the hospital...mind you, she lives about a hour away.

I hopped into my truck and picked up my other sister (Genny's twin sister), Jessie, and we booked it to Wasilla.
I think I drove there in about 25 mintues which is normally 50 minutes away!

When I got there at the hospital, Genny's boyfriend had his whole family in the waiting room. I called him right away and told him I was hear, but he told me that Genny didn't want anyone in the room.
I called bullshit because Genny told me through the whole pregnancy she wanted me in the room to help her.
So I sat in the waiting room with everyone else about to pull my hair out.

Finally, Genny's boyfriend comes out and tells me to come into the room.
I hop out of the chair and go see Genny and she looked like she was HURTING!
She was laying on her side, breathing really hard, and in a lot of pain.
Her doctor came in and Genny had asked for an epidural, but they said it was too late because they thought the baby was coming.
They had broke her water right before I got to the hospital.

After going through torturous contractions, they realized the baby was not coming, but something had come up...there was meconium in the amniotic fluid when they broke her water (For those that don't know what meconium is, it's the baby's first bowel movement and it's very dangerous when they poo in the womb).
They were pretty worried not to stress the baby, so she wouldn't take a huge breath when she was born.

That was when they came in and gave my sister an epidural. She was in heaven!!

Genny after getting the epidural

Once Genny was relaxed, I told her to take a nap. She made her boyfriend and me promise we wouldn't leave her, so we sat there and talked about names.
Yes, names! They hadn't even picked a name yet!!

My sister decided to let people come in and say hi before she tried to take a nap. Everyone wanted to know everything and hated waiting out in the waiting room.

Genny and her twin sister, Jessie

Genny and her best friend, Melanie

Genny and the boyfriend

We sat there for a few hours, when her boyfriend and I decided to step out for a smoke break.
That was when Genny's doctor came in and asked if anyone had checked her lately. Genny piped up and said she hadn't been checked in a hour, so the doctor gloved up and checked to see how far she was dilated.
The doctor looked at us and told us it was time to push. It was so exciting!!

 Genny giving a thumbs up when ready to push

So Genny's boyfriend and I each grabbed a leg while the nurse was busying around making sure the baby's table was set up to get the meconium out of her throat and lungs in case, while the doctor just sat down on the edge of the bed and coached my sister through this.

Genny actually did REALLY good!! I was very surprised. She didn't cuss, yell, scream, etc. She quietly did her pushing and did awesome breathing.
It only took her 15 minutes to push the baby out. It went quite fast.

The doctor noticed the cord was wrapped around the baby's neck, so once she was born, the doctor grabbed her and took the cord from around her neck and even saw it was wrapped around her foot!
Before she could take her first cry, the pediatrician that came in grabbed her and took her to the table and started sucking out the meconium.

They had to help her breathe after suctioning out the meconium. It was scary.


Working on the baby still

After getting the baby well enough to breathe on her own for a bit, they let Genny hold her and give her a kiss before rushing her over to the NICU to finish suctioning everything and get some chest x-rays to make sure there was nothing left.

Genny kissing the baby

And the doctor was kind enough to let me snap a quick picture of her face so we could look it while we were waiting to see her in the NICU nursery.

Meet Julia May Steele
Born January 7, 2010
5lbs, 13.3oz
19.5 inches long

Jan 19, 2010

Random Tuesday

- 2 more days of work left
- Waiting for family to decide when they are having funeral for Uncle John
- Trying not to kill husband for being a douchebag
- Trying to get used to typing on my iPhone I got for Christmas
- Hoping to see my sister and little baby niece soon
- We got new scrubs at work and they suck!! They are mainly polyester and itchy as hell
- I found an app on the iPhone that's easy to keep track of your charting. I'm getting more serious with learning more about my cycle and work on getting pregnant. A doc wants to see 6 months worth of cycles before even talking about fertility drugs.
- That reminds me, I need to buy a basal body thermometer
- So glad Project Runway is back on!
- Ive slowly been trying to get more sleep. I actually went to bed before midnight last night!

Well that's enough randomness for now.

Hope everyone has a great week!

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Jan 17, 2010

RIP Uncle John

April 7, 1937 - January 16, 2010


Saturday morning, at 6am, Uncle John was found in the bathroom laying on the floor. He wasn't breathing.
He was living in an assisted living home, so they started CPR and called 911.

He was brought to the ER where they got him breathing again and admitted into the ICU. They had him on full life support.
After a bunch of testing, he was found to be brain dead.
The whole family gathered around him and we said our goodbyes while Grandma sang his favorite Tlingit song.
Once we left, my mother-in-law, who was his power of attorney, decided to have them disconnect life support and let him go in peace.

He was everyone's favorite "Uncle". He had no children himself, never married, so he adopted everyone around him as family.

He will be missed. 

Jan 11, 2010

I know, I'm a horrible blogger

I promised I would be back soon with lots of updates, but of course
life throws us curveballs.
I feel like a horrible blogger and yes I've been reading your emails
go me.
I plan on setting some time aside to write a post because over the
weekend I became an aunt!!

Pics to come!
Now I gotta get my butt back to work!

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Jan 3, 2010

Guess what?

I'm still around!
Just recovering from the holidays and a toothache.
Posts to come shortly...

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years!


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