Jan 28, 2010

Down with the sickness [with some randomness...free of charge of course]

So everyone in my house is sick...except me (knocks on wood).
I can feel it coming but my body's immune army is fighting it off. Good little army!!

So today is day 6 that Hubs has been gone. 10 more days left!!
I never realized how lonely it is without him.
With brother-in-law in his man-cave playing the new Mass Effect 2 game and sister-in-law sick on the couch, I've been spending a lot of alone time with little 'ol me.
I'm a very boring individual!

Tomorrow I have to go to Uncle John's to pack things and meet some medical supply guys to come pick up his oxygen machine.
He was buried on Tuesday in Petersburg, Alaska where he was born.
It still doesn't seem real.

Hopefully I can meet someone for lunch.
Hubs has a really good friend from high school that offered to meet me, so I may hit her up if the stupid medical supply guys show up early enough.
I have to drive over there and wait between 9am and 1pm because they refuse to set up a specific time...like they are cable guys or something!

Well that's enough rambling for me.
I finally got a page and need to get back to work.

Hope everyone is enjoying there week!
Who has plans for the weekend?

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