Jan 22, 2010

Meet my niece

So I thought it would be about time that I wrote a post about my new niece!

My brother called me around 4:30am on January 7th and told me that he thought my sister, Genny, was in labor.
I asked him where she was, and he told me she was in the shower. I told him it was probably false labor because she wasn't due until the 20th, so I told him to call me if anything changed and he better make it important because I had to be up at 6am to go to work. I got a phone call 20 minutes later saying she was on the way to the hospital because she thought she lost her mucus plug.

I called my sister right away and she finally answered after about the millionth time I tried calling her, and she told me she was at the hospital and the doctor said she's 6cm dilated. I was freaking out!!
Genny told me to hurry up and get to the hospital...mind you, she lives about a hour away.

I hopped into my truck and picked up my other sister (Genny's twin sister), Jessie, and we booked it to Wasilla.
I think I drove there in about 25 mintues which is normally 50 minutes away!

When I got there at the hospital, Genny's boyfriend had his whole family in the waiting room. I called him right away and told him I was hear, but he told me that Genny didn't want anyone in the room.
I called bullshit because Genny told me through the whole pregnancy she wanted me in the room to help her.
So I sat in the waiting room with everyone else about to pull my hair out.

Finally, Genny's boyfriend comes out and tells me to come into the room.
I hop out of the chair and go see Genny and she looked like she was HURTING!
She was laying on her side, breathing really hard, and in a lot of pain.
Her doctor came in and Genny had asked for an epidural, but they said it was too late because they thought the baby was coming.
They had broke her water right before I got to the hospital.

After going through torturous contractions, they realized the baby was not coming, but something had come up...there was meconium in the amniotic fluid when they broke her water (For those that don't know what meconium is, it's the baby's first bowel movement and it's very dangerous when they poo in the womb).
They were pretty worried not to stress the baby, so she wouldn't take a huge breath when she was born.

That was when they came in and gave my sister an epidural. She was in heaven!!

Genny after getting the epidural

Once Genny was relaxed, I told her to take a nap. She made her boyfriend and me promise we wouldn't leave her, so we sat there and talked about names.
Yes, names! They hadn't even picked a name yet!!

My sister decided to let people come in and say hi before she tried to take a nap. Everyone wanted to know everything and hated waiting out in the waiting room.

Genny and her twin sister, Jessie

Genny and her best friend, Melanie

Genny and the boyfriend

We sat there for a few hours, when her boyfriend and I decided to step out for a smoke break.
That was when Genny's doctor came in and asked if anyone had checked her lately. Genny piped up and said she hadn't been checked in a hour, so the doctor gloved up and checked to see how far she was dilated.
The doctor looked at us and told us it was time to push. It was so exciting!!

 Genny giving a thumbs up when ready to push

So Genny's boyfriend and I each grabbed a leg while the nurse was busying around making sure the baby's table was set up to get the meconium out of her throat and lungs in case, while the doctor just sat down on the edge of the bed and coached my sister through this.

Genny actually did REALLY good!! I was very surprised. She didn't cuss, yell, scream, etc. She quietly did her pushing and did awesome breathing.
It only took her 15 minutes to push the baby out. It went quite fast.

The doctor noticed the cord was wrapped around the baby's neck, so once she was born, the doctor grabbed her and took the cord from around her neck and even saw it was wrapped around her foot!
Before she could take her first cry, the pediatrician that came in grabbed her and took her to the table and started sucking out the meconium.

They had to help her breathe after suctioning out the meconium. It was scary.


Working on the baby still

After getting the baby well enough to breathe on her own for a bit, they let Genny hold her and give her a kiss before rushing her over to the NICU to finish suctioning everything and get some chest x-rays to make sure there was nothing left.

Genny kissing the baby

And the doctor was kind enough to let me snap a quick picture of her face so we could look it while we were waiting to see her in the NICU nursery.

Meet Julia May Steele
Born January 7, 2010
5lbs, 13.3oz
19.5 inches long


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