Jan 30, 2010

New gadget for charting to TTC [Not a post for boys...sorry guys!]

So as many of you know, I've been trying to conceive for about a year after having a miscarriage.
Not too easy when you have PCOS!!

Doctors have told me I need to chart so I know more about my cycles and ovulating and everything else, but I have found that it's hard to fall into a routine!

Who wants to wake up and take their temperature, remember it when still in a sleepy fog and fumble around for a paper chart and a pen?
That was when a lightbulb flicked on...

My sister-in-law, Carrie, also suffers from PCOS, so we go through the same things.
She wanted to start charting as well, so we sat down in the living room on our iPhones and searched for an app that we could use that would be easier.

That was when Carrie found an awesome app.
It's called Women's Calendar.
This thing freakin' charts EVERYTHING!

Just a note: This is NOT from my phone. I chose to use pictures I found on the site because I don't think you all want to know when I have my period, have sex, cramp, etc. 
You're welcome!

Starts off with your standard calendar view where you can see all the icons for things.

 Shows a chart with your BBT

 Predicts when your next cycle will start, safe days to have sex (if you wanna play safe), your fertile days, and your predicted ovulation date.

 Shows average cycle days which it remembers and changes your forecast

 Spot to put in all of your information

 More symptoms to mark and a place to place notes

 Even let's you make 3 custom fields

 And let's you change the preferences so you can override irregular cycles

 You can even export it to your mail so you can email it to your doctor or print it out and take it to your appointment.

I have found it a lot easier to keep track of everything so I can change it or record things on the go as they happen.
I don't have to make a mental note anymore!
I've been using it for a whole month now and have been very happy with all the features.
I highly recommend it for anyone who likes to keep a chart.
I have found it's really easy to see when I might be getting near that time of the month as well being able to see when I feel bloated, have headaches, or cramps.

I just hope I can continue to use it faithfully so I can see what's going on and hopefully better understand my cycles so I can try and conceive!


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