Jan 19, 2010

Random Tuesday

- 2 more days of work left
- Waiting for family to decide when they are having funeral for Uncle John
- Trying not to kill husband for being a douchebag
- Trying to get used to typing on my iPhone I got for Christmas
- Hoping to see my sister and little baby niece soon
- We got new scrubs at work and they suck!! They are mainly polyester and itchy as hell
- I found an app on the iPhone that's easy to keep track of your charting. I'm getting more serious with learning more about my cycle and work on getting pregnant. A doc wants to see 6 months worth of cycles before even talking about fertility drugs.
- That reminds me, I need to buy a basal body thermometer
- So glad Project Runway is back on!
- Ive slowly been trying to get more sleep. I actually went to bed before midnight last night!

Well that's enough randomness for now.

Hope everyone has a great week!

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