Jan 17, 2010

RIP Uncle John

April 7, 1937 - January 16, 2010


Saturday morning, at 6am, Uncle John was found in the bathroom laying on the floor. He wasn't breathing.
He was living in an assisted living home, so they started CPR and called 911.

He was brought to the ER where they got him breathing again and admitted into the ICU. They had him on full life support.
After a bunch of testing, he was found to be brain dead.
The whole family gathered around him and we said our goodbyes while Grandma sang his favorite Tlingit song.
Once we left, my mother-in-law, who was his power of attorney, decided to have them disconnect life support and let him go in peace.

He was everyone's favorite "Uncle". He had no children himself, never married, so he adopted everyone around him as family.

He will be missed. 


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