Feb 12, 2010

90 Day Challenge

It has always been a goal of mine to read the ENTIRE Bible....front to back.
I tried the program while attending church a few years ago, but my work schedule interfered with me being able to attend church, so I slacked and fell off the program.

Well this is why I love my iPhone!

I'm able to get the list of the program so I know what chapters I need to read, so when I don't have my Bible handy, I'm able to open my Bible app and finish where I left off!
You can even customize between many translations of the Bible (I personally use NIV).


This was taken off my phone. I'm now 1.1% completed. Woohoo!
I just started the program and I check off what I've read in my Bible and what I've read on the Bible app. 
I'm determined to stick with it this time!!
This year will be the year I knock off a few of my goals.
So hopefully by May 11th, I can tell everyone that I read the ENTIRE Bible.


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