Feb 17, 2010

Feeling sick...and weird cycles

To my stomach that is.
All day Tuesday I was feeling horrible. I was telling my co-workers that I was feeling really bad all day.
When I got home from work, that's when it got really bad.
I was violently sick all night and into the early morning. I made my husband get me some Sprite and some Pepto and laid my head off the foot of the bed with our bedroom trashcan below in case I woke up and couldn't make it in time.

The next thing I remember is Carrie waking me up and asking if I was going to work.
I decided not to go in because I had just fallen asleep a few hours before.
After laying in bed all day, I started to feel a little better.
It wasn't until I got up to use the restroom when I noticed AF had made an early visit.

Now when I was younger, I used to get horrible cramps, vomit, and really bad headaches rightbefire starting my period, but they stopped after I started birth control.
I haven't been on birth control in 10 years, but haven't seen these kind of symptoms before.
Maybe it's a fluke I got so sick, I don't know, but my cycles are getting sporadic and it's freaking me out a little bit.

I keep getting these really short cycles.
It's really screwing up my calculations!

Ok, I think I'm gonna head to bed and get some sleep before work tomorrow.

Good night blogarinos!

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