Feb 3, 2010

Going bananas!

So while hubs is away with the rest of the family dealing with Uncle John's funeral arrangements, they made sure someone was with Grandma and Poppy since Poppy is disabled.
They had asked a cousin to come in and help with Poppy's physical therapy appointments, help him shower, and make sure he gets fed, etc.
Well he hasn't done shit!!

He has class for 1 hour 2 days a week and that's it. He volunteered to stay at the house and help out while I took care of my mother-in-law's house and dealing with some odds and ends with Uncle John's things.

I have gotten a call EVERYDAY from Grandma because he's leaving at 7am and not coming home until 8pm.
He's using Grandma's vehicle since he doesn't have one and if you confront him about anything, he chases you out.
I've been called a selfish bitch, ungrateful, and lazy.
Mind you, I'm working 10 hour days while caring for a bunch of other things.

I got a phone call tonight around 9pm from Poppy asking me to come over because Grandma went off her rocker!
I get over there and she's freaking out about being alone tomorrow because something might happen. I tried explaining to her that if she needs something, she can call Justin and he would come over and help.
She said she wanted someone over there at 6am in case Poppy needs a glass of water because she doesn't want to help him....her exact words.

Are you serious????!!!???

I went off!
I explained to her she needed to quit being a spoiled brat and take care of her husband for cristsakes.

And then I went downstairs and went off on cousin because he's not supposed to be leaving all day. He's the one that volunteered after all.

I can't wait for the family to get back.
They can deal with all the craziness.
Until then, I'm keeping my phone turned off.
I haven't been able to relax in the 2 weeks my husband has been gone.
Friday night until Sunday afternoon is all mine!!!

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