Feb 10, 2010

Weekly randomness

Toothache is back. Just got my insurance cards and waiting for my federal income so I can get my wisdom teeth pulled. It needs to happen!!!

Lying cousin that stole Grandma's van for a day and a half applied at my workplace. He told them I referred him, so they hired him. He lied about his background check, so when it came back he had felonies dropped to misdemeanors, the boss let him go. Now I look like an ass. I made sure to call my boss and told him I DID NOT refer him.

Only 1 more day until my Friday!! I'm not doing anything. I'm so ticketed out for being on the go dealing with family for 3 weeks. Thank god the family is back in town!

Daylight is returning to Alaska! I'm so happy!

I'm starting to apartment shop. Brother-in-law and his girlfriend are moving in April and I can't afford the apartment on my own, so hubs and I will be looking for something cheaper. I despise moving and I'm going to miss them!

So I've been using that Woman's Calender I blogged about a week ago and I'm starting to understand a lot! I'm noticing why I felt a certain way around similar times. I'm really hoping it will help me understand when I ovulate and stuff.

Well I have to get up early so I'm heading to bed.
Good night blogarinos!

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