Feb 23, 2010

Why does thou hate me??

I just want to start off by saying thanks to all the advice and well wishes I received from yesterday's post.
I just needed to vent!

Now onto new things.

I've come to the conclusion that my body hates me.
I must have done something to it that it doesn't like one bit because it keeps coming up with problems.

First, my body rejects any kind of exercise or eYing healthy plan. It is stubborn and won't let go of any of the excess weight I've been carrying around.

Then, my body doesn't want me to EVER have a baby. Ever...
It plays mind tricks with me. I'm serious.
It tells my body to have a period, then it will skip a month to see what my reaction is. When it sees that I'm nervous and waiting the longest time to take a pregnancy test, it laughs in my face and turns on my period again.
Or it throws an extra one in. In the same month!

And now...
Now my body is holding some kind of grudge with my gallbladder. It's been killing me for the past couple of days.
I had a gallbladder attack last year. Luckily it was just sludgy and no gall stones.
It feels very similar to last time. I thunk it's because of my diet.
I've craved nothing but sweet, greasy, fatty foods for the past week or 2.
I'm currently detoxifying my body from all those nasty things.

Can't wait to see what my body has planned for retaliation.
Have a good night blogarinos!

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