Mar 5, 2010

$@&! didn't hit the fan TOO much

Well I had the meeting yesterday afternoon and we didn't get bitched at too much. Well I didn't get bitched at...
Here are some of the reasons our boss is pissed off:
1. A co-worker of mine wears way too much cologne. He practically bathes in it before coming into work, and then continues to bathe himself in it every hour. And the stuff doesn't even smell good! It's the cheap body spray. After having a million complaints and not listening to the supervisor, our boss called hi
out on it and told him to stop. Working in a hospital, you can't bathe yourself in cologne or perfume because it bothers patients. He wasn't happy at all about not being able to bathe in his cologne.

2. There's a lack od communication with everyone on the lift team. We got rid of all the trouble makers and starting fresh. Hopefully everyone will come together. One can hope!

3. The office is upset that Carrie is leaving. They want her to stay until Darcy gets back from her maternity leave, but that's not until May.

4. A co-worker (Cologne Man) likes to talk on his cell phone instead of going on pages. He doesn't even try to hide it. He will be in the office and talk LOUDLY. The rest of us will look at our phones when we have no pages or on our break, but he just stays on it all the time.

So it wasn't too bad. Hopefully we can get people to straighten up around here. Oh! They changed my schedule this week. Guess who has to work today??
So much for my 3 day weekend...

Have a happy weekend!!

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