Mar 31, 2010

I need help

Lately I have been so stressed out.
Work, marriage, family, and money issues.
I'm just fed up with everything.

I really believe that I'm going to have a heart attack soon.
I've tried talking a breather, taking a hot bath, etc.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to calm down and destress?
Any scripture I could read to help?
I'm so very desperate...

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Trudy said...

Oh Nikke, you poor sweet thing. I am feeling for you, I know how horrible things can get. There are so many wonderful passages in the Bible and of course prayer is powerful too. Please know that I will be lifting you in prayer a lot!Check out this website/ has lots of great Scripture references for you. is ALL in God's hands, and we know He is perfectly capable where we are perfectly incapable!Big hugs my friend!Trudy

June Freaking Cleaver said...

Sorry that you're so stressed. Here's what worked for me:Take a hot shower - the noise of the water distracts me - a bath is too quiet (and I'd just lie there and think about all the stuff I had left to do).Disconnect - the phone, the computer. No TV. Play soft music, light a few scented candles. Shut out the outside world for a while. They'll get along without you.Don't be afraid to ask others for help - you don't have to do it ALL; just do what you can. Let the housework slide until you have an entire day off. After you come home from work, you need to rest and recharge.I hope this helps!

liberalgranolagirl said...

June made some great suggestions. I personally love disconnecting every so often when overwhelmed. Prayers that things calm down soon.

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