Mar 25, 2010

Prayers for Poppy

I woke up yesterday morning and went to work like usual. I get to work and found out Poppy (my husband's grandfather) was admitted over night.
Apparently he had a hard time breathing the day before and the family became concerned. My mother-in-law called 911 and they took him to the ER.
His oxygen level was only 85%!
Usually when your oxygen level gets to 80%, you feel like you're drowning...Scary!
They put him on oxygen, but he could only reach 93%, so they admitted him.
Thank goodness I work at the hospital! Carrie and I were able to stay in his room while we were waiting for our beepers to blow up.
He seems to be doing ok with the breathing part, but they did a CAT scan and saw some blood clots. He tends to be prone to them because he is pretty much bedridden from a paralyzing accident he had many years ago. They also saw that he has pneumonia and think they found some spots on his lungs. He has battled lung cancer in the past, so they are worried it might have come back.
We are all REALLY praying that it's not back!

Will you please pray for Poppy?
We already lost our beloved Uncle John not too long ago and I don't think Gramma can handle this.

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