Mar 2, 2010

The smallest things amuse me

I love blogging.
I love being able to open my browser and share my world with family members afar, friends, and making new friends from blogging as well.

I've met some great friends through blogging.
I only had one problem...ever since my husband graduated school, and STILL doesn't have a job, I never get computer time.
I'm waiting until we move into our own place so I can hook up my computer so I could once again get in the groove of blogging.
I thought I was doomed and never be able to share anything for a long time.
That all changed when I got my lovely iPhone.

I started up my iPhone and clicked on the browser and signed into Blogger. Saw my dashboard, but there was a glitch.
I was unable to scroll down and view the posts people have posted.
I was so sad!!!!!

I tried opening Google Reader, and yet again, I couldn't scroll.
That was when I set out on a mission.
I opened the App Store and started searching.
That's when I found 2 lovely apps. The best part...they were free!!! That made me super happy.

So without further ado, I introduce...

I love BlogPress. I'm able to write a post, add pictures, label my posts, and even post things for future times!
I can even save drafts and work on them later.

I also found a Google Reader app where I can view all the blogs I love and able to comment on them as well. It's so much easier than trying to bookmark all of my favorite blogs.

I've seen other apps out there but never got around to trying them out because I've been happy with these two.

If you post from your iPhone, what do you use?
I'm always looking for new things =]

Have a happy Tuesday everyone!

- Posted from my iPhone


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