Mar 26, 2010

Smooth talker

If you read my post yesterday, Poppy is doing much better.
I went into work and visited him when they served breakfast. He hasn't had much sleep and was just tired of the hospital. I don't blame him!

The doctor came in and was saying he wanted him to stay another day to do some tests or a biopsy of his lung, but Poppy was having none of it. Carrie and I got paged away to deal with some patients, so we said bye and told him we would be back later.

When we got back, he told me he was being discharged. I looked at him with a shocked look on my face and he said the doctor told him it was ok. I was pretty skeptical.

I found out later that he told the family he was being discharged because the doctor said he was good to go.
He smooth talked his way out of staying another night!
He promised his doctor that he was going to follow up with his normal oncologist, but he was talking out of his rear.

I'm just glad they sent him home on oxygen so he can breathe when he sleeps.
I might need to go over there this weekend and beat some sense in his head.

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Trudy said...

Glad to hear he is doing better, will keep him in my prayers!

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