Mar 17, 2010

Still adjusting

It's sad to say, but I am STILL adjusting to daylight savings time. I've had a routine down flat for 6 months now and it's all ruined by losing a hour!!

I'm so tired and out of sorts.
I have a 12 hour work day due to a stupid meeting after work.
Hopefully I'll be ready to go this weekend with some good blog posts.

It's about to get really real up in here...

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!
Remember to wear something green...

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Matty said...

I hear quite a few people saying the one hour has affected them. I don't seem to mind it.

Trudy said...

DST affects me more and more each year...I'm still dragging too!

Holly said...

time changes are always such a pain! and once we get used to this one it will change again arg

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