Mar 23, 2010


I just got a phone call from my mom.
There is an opening up North on the pipeline and they are pulling my husband's application.

He goes to the office in the morning to talk to them and possibly get hired. They want someone by Monday.

Please send out prayers, good vibes, pixie dancing, etc....

He really needs this job!

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Tammy said...

Consider it done! I will pray extra hard if this is something you's want/need. Good luck! Fingers and toes crossed too!!

Matty said...

Keeping fingers crossed. Think positive.

PixieDust said...

Ooh good luck! Will pray for you :)

Trudy said...

Yay! Praying for you all!

Perfectly Unperfect said...

Praying for your husband and crossing everything that I can cross!!! Good luck!

Holly said...

crossing my fingers and toes that he gets the job!

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