Mar 12, 2010

Weekly rambles...with lots of pics!

I was driving down the road when this butthole decided to ALMOST hit me!

He almost lost control because he wasn't paying attention to traffic that was merging into one lane because of this guy...

Luckily there was no children in the bus. The bus driver lost control on the road and ran into a snow pile head on, where it stopped him from running into the front building o the high school.

So the weather has been pretty crazy here in Alaska. It's been warm, which causes the snow to melt, then it snows a bunch, then warms up.

I love icicles! Just wish it would stop snowing for good because here in Alaska, we don't salt our roads. Instead, they put gravel down to add traction to the ice. Well once the snow and ice melt, you're left with this crap...

Huge boulders on the roads and in the parking lots. Makes me think I'm gonna pop my tires everytime!

This is all I can seem to eat lately. I love my everything bagels and fat free cream cheese.

Oh, and an update on Read the Bible in 90 Days reading plan as of this past Tuesday. It's hard, but I'm keeping up with it!

So how was your week?
Have a great weekend!

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