Apr 18, 2010

Another year closer to 30

Today is my birthday.
I'm 27.
My family forgot.
Like always.
Wasn't expecting them to remember.
So at least I'm not bummed.

My husband remembered.
He got me flowers and a card, with a birthday balloon.
His grandmother even remembered and called me.
She sang Happy Birthday to me over the phone.
It made me smile.

Another year closer to the big 3-0.


Michelle said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Nikki Lynne [waiting on baby] said...

When I turned 25, I was 25 for the next 4 years. The thought of 30 was just devistating to me. Something happened mentally in the later months of my 29th year and my 30th birthday was the best year ever! Since, I have been so happy! I think "30" brought on a entire new personality. I'm loving life! So, don't be bummed - being in your shoes - I promise, it totally Rocks! :)Happy Belated Birthday!!

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