Apr 15, 2010

Must be going crazy because now I'm hearing voices

A couple of weeks before Carrie and Justin left for Minnesota, Carrie woke up freaking out.
She came out to the living room and told me someone had said something to her as she was waking up.
I looked up from putting on my socks and had a dumbfounded look on my face. She then told me she was actually waking up when she heard a man's voice. I asked her what the man said and she said, "The man told me that I was going to die April 5th".
I looked at her and my jaw hit the floor. April 5th is the exact date she was flying to Seattle to embark on her journey back home to Minnesota.

Now if you know me, you'll know that I'm pretty anxious and a worry wart. Well Carrie is 100% more anxious than I am. We talked about this "man" all day at work. Of course me making anything and everything into a joke, I messed with her for DAYS!
Even up until the minute we took her to the airport.
My farewell words were, "Have a safe flight. Call me when you land in Seattle...if you're still alive".
Yeah, I'm a bitch! Ha!

Well needless to say, she did not die. She made it safely back to Minnesota a few hours ago, after taking a roadtrip.

What I'm about to tell you has NEVER happened to me before.

Once Carrie and Justin left, Aaron and I moved into the master bedroom. My first night sleeping in there was very peaceful. Best night of sleep I had in a long time. Until I woke up of course...

I woke up and turned the alarm off. Rolled up to stretch and I heard it...
Yep! A man's voice. This time, he said, "Beware Nikke. Hold your tongue because people will irritate you today."

I rolled over and nudged Aaron to see if he heard anything. He told me to be quiet because he was sleeping.
I thought maybe I was just thinking something was going on because I was thinking about Carrie tellin me her story, so I got up for the day and got ready for work.
I was jamming out to music on the way into work, trying to keep my mind off of things. Once I got to work all of my troubles went away. I got so caught up in my work I completely I forgot about what happened earlier in the morning until later on when my patience was tested. I was about to lash out at a particular nurse when I remembered what the man's voice had said...so I held my tongue. I started freaking out a little on the inside thinking about this, but just figured it was my mind playing tricks on me. It didn't bother me until yesterday morning.

The voice was back!

This time, I turned off my alarm and rolled over and I heard the voice again and it said, "Get ready early, it snowed."

I went to the bathroom, got dressed and checked my Facebook and saw that all of my Anchorage friends said it snowed like 4 inches overnight. My jaw dropped!

I hurried to the windows and opened the blinds and the parking lot was covered in snow! I couldn't believe it. What is wrong with me?????

Just throw me in the loony bin and throw away the key.

This is freaking me out!

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Adorably Distracted... said...


Michelle said...

This is crazy. Is there any reasonable explanation for it? Can you call in Ghost Hunters? ;)

Sharoni said...

Dude! That is scary! I mean, I guess its kinda less scary because he's giving you advice and not trying to kill you or anything. But I still think I'd pee my pants.

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