Apr 1, 2010


Time has been flying by so fast.
Justin and Carrie are leaving in 4 days.
Aaron turns 30 tomorrow.
I turn 27 in 17 days.
I've been at my job for 7 months.

I've been working so much lately. Today and tomorrow is all overtime. I've been getting my ass kicked.
My shoulder is starting to hurt again because of the added stress and physical activity at work.
I've made plans to do things, but I keep losing time!
I've had so many awesome blog ideas, but I'm just too tired to write them all out by the time I get home.
Instead, I write a crappy post.
I need more hours in my day. That would be great!

Anywho, prayers for Aaron please. He has an interview today!!!
Keep your fingers crossed with me!

Have a beautiful Thursday. I promise I'll be back to my awesomeness soon =]

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Matty said...

Here's to hoping that interview goes well. And you your shoulder feeling better, and to that OVERTIME>

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