Apr 8, 2010

Weekly Rambles

- I have been so busy with all of this overtime I'm working. I'm just thankful for the slow morning I'm having right now so I can update and write a few future posts.

- My younger sister is coming home from her first round up on the slopes. She got a job on the pipeline working as a housekeeper. She was gone 3 weeks.

- My other younger sister is coming into town tomorrow with my niece Julia. I'm so excited!!

- I just had the most tortured 2ww. Got a huge big fat NEGATIVE. Oh well...working on this month. I kind of slacked on my temp taking and ovulation predictor sticks, so I'm buckling down this month.

- Its very lonely now that Justin and Carrie have been gone almost a week. I know we all got on each other's nerves, but it was comforting to have them around. They ate currently driving in California on their way to Las Vegas.

- Still looking for a new apartment. I hate apartment shopping.

- I got a dollar raise at work. Woot!

- My boss hired more people, but they don't really want to work here...from what they tell me. I'm so tired of my boss hiring people that are just taking a temp job. They only last 2-3 days then they quit.

- Still no word on the job offer Hubs interviewed for. It's really wearing on me.

- I love that it's getting light out around 6am. It's an awesome sign of Summer to come. Can't wait for the 24 hour sunlight!

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