Apr 16, 2010

Weekly Rambles

So it snowed...again! All of the snow melted, it was warm, it was sunny and I thought Spring was here to stay. WRONG! There better be no snow on my birthday.

Speaking of birthdays, my birthday is this Sunday. I'll be 27 years old and I hate it. I'm close to 30 and it makes me feel old. Anywho, feel free to give me lots of presents!!

It feels good to finally have 3 days off in a row again. I've loved the overtime, but I'm sooooo tired. Now I have 3 days for some relaxation.

My body is killing me. I just want to lay in bed for a week.

Justin and Carrie finally got to Minnesota. I miss them.

Thinking about seeing a movie. I got free movie tickets from my boss for busting my butt at work, so I want to go see one. Any suggestions for movies that are out there?

Happy weekend blogarinos!

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Gaia said...

Hiya Nikke, Happy Birthday in-advance. Enjoy being less than 30 while you still can. Enjoy every moment :) Wish I had treasured those years, now I will be 50 next year and am regretting not really living when young. So please please LIVE IT UP! Blessings dear.

Perfectly Unperfect said...

Happy early birthday!!!! 27? Is that all? I will be 39 this year-God willing. Have a great three day weekend! Enjoy it...you def deserve it!The last movie I saw in the theater was "How to Train your Dragon"....it was good...but probably not what you are looking for. lolLet us know what you do see.

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