May 27, 2010

Here comes the dragon!!

Here comes the dragon!
Everyone head for cover!
Here comes the dragon!

While running down the street of New York City, the screaming can be heard from blocks away.

I get up from my chair in a trendy coffee shop to see what this lady is yelling about.
I look out the door and see a woman, running for her life, screaming, "Here comes the dragon!"

I shake my head and think to myself, what a crazy lady.
Just as I turn around, I hear this rumbling. I look up and see a huge monster walking down the street.

I can't believe my eyes!
All of a sudden, 3 guys spin and they become super heroes!
They zoom past me and try to defeat the monster.
The monster eats them all and looks around and opens his mouth and says, "Where is Nikke?!"

Everyone in the coffee shop points at me and pushes me toward the monster. He comes down to eat me.

I wake up.

For some reason I have been having this re-occuring dream. I have it about 3 times a week and for the life of me, don't know why.

Anyone else have re-occuring dreams?
Care to share?

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May 25, 2010

Tuesday Ramblings

We moved 99% of things into our new apartment and have spent our first night in our new room!

Can't wait to unpack everything and make it my OWN place. Tired of having roommates!

Things at work are in limbo until the new contract goes into effect. They keep messing with my schedule! I'm not happy with it, but it could be worse!

The sun is staying out later and later. I'll take a pic of the midnight sun this weekend when I'm able to stay up that late LOL

This pic was taken at 1:30am.
Darkness is just now falling!

I've been so extremely tired lately. I need a vacation!!!

I do have the day off today though so I'm going to sleep in and work on my apartment more.

Happy Tuesday Blogarinos!

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May 23, 2010

Today is moving day!

I'm about 99% packed and ready to move!
Thankfully Hubby got some help so I can stay back and finish last minute odds and ends, as well as cleaning the apartment before we turn in the keys.

I have to work Monday until 6pm, but I'm off on Tuesday so I'll be able to unpack fairly fast.

I can't wait!

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May 21, 2010

I can start moving on Sunday!

Got a phone call from my new landlord yesterday evening and he told me the apartment was ready to be moved into.
He told me to meet him Sunday to do a walk through and we'll get the keys!
Im so excited!

This message brought to you by Six Word Saturday over at
Go check out Cate's blog and see what everyone else is saying in six words!

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May 18, 2010

There's no place like home

Remember the post awhile back where I mentioned I didn't know where home was going to be next month?
Well all of my many prayers were answered!

I'll be moving into my new and adorable apartment next week!

I'll write more about it tomorrow. I'm totally beat!

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May 15, 2010

I'm totally in love with this guy

My nephew Ben.
He spent the weekend with me last weekend and he's a trip!
I've officially been renamed to Kiki.

Did you read my post about the American Cancer Society Relay for Life that I'm participating in?
It's not too late to donate! Just click on the image below and it takes you to my web page so I can raise $100 for a great cause! 6 more days to go!!

May 14, 2010

My favorite comfort food

I was talking to a co-worker the other day about meatloaf after seeing a bunch of different recipes in a magazine.
I made the comment that meatloaf is a favorite of mine for comfort food. I don't know why, but I absolutely love it when I need some comforting.
Well the co-worker asked me how I made it. She was interested in learning how to cook more so I told her I would write down a recipe for her.

Well after getting home and wondering what to cook for dinner, I decided on meatloaf!
As I was preparing everything, I thought I would take pictures of each step and later show her this post as a reference.

So here is my favorite way to make meatloaf =]
Don't worry, it's nothing fancy.
Preheat oven to 375 degrees

I start off by taking 1.5-2lbs of lean ground beef in a bowl

Then I take a medium size green bell pepper and chop it

I take half an onion. Some people like certain onions. I used a yellow onion because it's all I had in my refrigerator

After cutting the green pepper and onion, I set aside.

I take about 1/3 pack of saltine crackers and put in a ziploc baggie (to reduce the mess) and take the end of my cutting knife and smash into fine pieces

I add 2 eggs

I add the green peppers and onions

I add a packet of meatloaf seasoning (found in the spices aisle at a grocery store) and the crushed crackers

Add half a cup of water

I mix it all together by hand (I wear gloves while I do it because I don't like getting my hands all mushy with raw meat. These just happen to be purple)

Mix it all together really well

Shape onto a pan. I drizzle mine with ketchup. It's totally optional.

And I bake for 1 hour on 375 degrees.

I tried taking a picture of the meatloaf once it was done, but before I could get to it, my husband and brother already hacked into it.

I made mashed potatoes and corn on the cob. It was delish!

Did you read my post about the American Cancer Society Relay for Life that I'm participating in?
It's not too late to donate! Just click on the image below and it takes you to my web page so I can raise $100 for a great cause! 7 more days to go!!

May 13, 2010

I hate renting

Man, I have been so busy lately!
I finally have a few hours that I can actually sit at the computer, so I thought I would blog.
I should really be looking for apartments online, but I'm tired of looking through all of the listings.
New apartment you ask? Yeah. Really don't have a choice because my landlord is a total jerk.
Here's the story...

Justin and Carrie (my BIL and his girlfriend) moved into an apartment a year and a half ago when Carrie moved to Alaska. A few months later, they decided to have me move in to help out with the rent. They put me on the lease and everything was fine and dandy.
We ended up renewing our lease another 7 months to give them time to save money to move to Minnesota so Carrie could be closer to her family. Well the lease is up June 1st. I went and talked to the landlord about staying in the apartment because I despise moving. I thought maybe he would give me a good deal like he was going to with a year lease last time we renewed so I went up to his office and talked to him. He was really excited to hear that I wanted to stay, so he had me fill out another application for my husband since he is not on the lease. I took the application and brought it home.

Well the next day, I had a letter attached to my door and it was a notice saying our lease was up and we needed to talk about renewing if we wanted. On the sheet of paper, he had the rates that he would charge from anywhere from 1 month to a year. Well rent was going up too much!

I pay $1250 a month and I have to pay all utilities. The whole apartment runs on electric, so my electric bill is through the roof in the winter time. Well for a year lease, he was going to charge me $1350. Are you kidding me?? This place doesn't even have a washer/dryer in the unit and nothing is energy efficient.
I talked to him the next day and told him if he couldn't at least keep the rent the same, I was going to have to move because I can't afford anymore. Well he got really nasty with me and told me the least he could do was $1345. Well screw that!

So that now leads me to finding a new apartment...cheaper.
I have until June 3rd to move and that date is rapidly approaching. It stresses me out so much to think about moving and finding an apartment and being able to afford a move, but I know I can knock out one large amount in order to pay a lot less throughout the next year.

According to all the listings I've seen, I can get a 2 bedroom apartment for $875-$1000 a month, including all utilities or at least just paying electric with apartments that have gas heating. So I know I can find a deal. I just wish it wasn't so stressful!!!!

Did you read my post about the American Cancer Society Relay for Life that I'm participating in?
It's not too late to donate! Just click on the image below and it takes you to my web page so I can raise $100 for a great cause! 8 more days to go!!

May 11, 2010

The Ugly C Word and a great cause!

Most of us have been affected by the ugly C word.
To hear the diagnosis, it sends this gut wrenching feeling in the pit of your stomach and you begin to question everything as well as have unanswered questions.

Is it curable?
Am I going to die?
How bad is it?
Do I need surgery?
If I am going to die, when?
Is it going to hurt?

I've been through all of these questions myself.
I have never had the diagnosis myself, but I have been there with family members and friends when they have received the devastating news.

My Grampa (Prostate Cancer) was diagnosed this year. 

Poppy, my husband's grandfather (Lung Cancer) was diagnosed a few years ago, went into remission, and just found out last month it's back.

Grandma Eva, my husband's grandmother (Breast and Skin Cancer) was diagnosed many years ago and luckily has been in remission for a few years.

Uncle Steve (Throat Cancer) was diagnosed last year, went through chemotherapy and radiation and through much prayer, went into remission 6 months later.

My mother (Breast Cancer) was diagnosed when she was only 36. She went through radiation and the tumor shrank to being nothing. She continues to getting checked every 6 months and for almost 7 years, she's been cancer free.

I've always been very active in the community, raising a lot of money for Breast Cancer and Breast Cancer Awareness. It really hit home with me when my mother was diagnosed. We were all scared. 

That leads me to this years fundraiser.

On May 21, 2010 - May 22, 2010 I will be participating in Anchorage Relay for Life 24 hour walk for cancer.
Money is being raised to support the American Cancer Society.
I don't usually do this online or through a blog, but if you've been keeping up with me on my normal posts, I never have any time to do anything with all the work I'm doing.

My goal is to raise $100.
It's not a lot, but it's a number I think I can commit to.

This is where I need help.
I'm asking for any donations.
Anything will help.

Donating is very simple. 
You just click on the image below (or at the top) and it takes you to my personal page and you can post a donation there.
I know money is tight with everyone, but anything will help.

If you are unable to donate money, just say a simple prayer that we have a great turnout for the Relay walk and we all can make it!

By the way, our team's name is Return of the Togas. 
I wonder if I'll get to wear a toga during the walk.
That would rock!

Thanks for listening to all of this.
I don't normally hit up people online for money.

I still love all of my blogarinos!

9 days and counting!

Click on the image below to be directed to my personal web page and make a donation.

May 5, 2010

I'm back!

So I took a very long, unintentional break from the bloggy land (but I still read all of your awesome blogs!).

I have so much to update about, but that's going to come later on today and tomorow.

Right now I have a HUGE request from all of you awesome people...

My husband has a job interview 10am AKST. Please, please, please send out some prayers, good thoughts, happy jigs, whatever it is you do.

It's a great opportunity and would be awesome timing since I've had some troubles (promise I'll update soon).

You guys are great!!!

I'll let you know how it goes!

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