May 27, 2010

Here comes the dragon!!

Here comes the dragon!
Everyone head for cover!
Here comes the dragon!

While running down the street of New York City, the screaming can be heard from blocks away.

I get up from my chair in a trendy coffee shop to see what this lady is yelling about.
I look out the door and see a woman, running for her life, screaming, "Here comes the dragon!"

I shake my head and think to myself, what a crazy lady.
Just as I turn around, I hear this rumbling. I look up and see a huge monster walking down the street.

I can't believe my eyes!
All of a sudden, 3 guys spin and they become super heroes!
They zoom past me and try to defeat the monster.
The monster eats them all and looks around and opens his mouth and says, "Where is Nikke?!"

Everyone in the coffee shop points at me and pushes me toward the monster. He comes down to eat me.

I wake up.

For some reason I have been having this re-occuring dream. I have it about 3 times a week and for the life of me, don't know why.

Anyone else have re-occuring dreams?
Care to share?

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Trudy said...

Wow, that is a really crazy one, never heard anything like that one before! I have never suffered from recurring dreams, but I have a friend that has been having the same nightmare for over 20 years. It's wild!I hope you figure something out or stop having the dream soon!

The Pixie said...

I have been having the same types of dreams for the past 16 years, now I have taken them and started writing my book :D Will send you a copy once I am finished, so you can see what I dream about :)

Nikke said...

Awesome! I should start a dream journal. I have some weird ones!

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[...] them. For the past month now, I’ve been having 2 re-occurring dreams. One can be read here. The other one just haunts me after I wake up and throughout the day, and just chills me to the [...]

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