May 13, 2010

I hate renting

Man, I have been so busy lately!
I finally have a few hours that I can actually sit at the computer, so I thought I would blog.
I should really be looking for apartments online, but I'm tired of looking through all of the listings.
New apartment you ask? Yeah. Really don't have a choice because my landlord is a total jerk.
Here's the story...

Justin and Carrie (my BIL and his girlfriend) moved into an apartment a year and a half ago when Carrie moved to Alaska. A few months later, they decided to have me move in to help out with the rent. They put me on the lease and everything was fine and dandy.
We ended up renewing our lease another 7 months to give them time to save money to move to Minnesota so Carrie could be closer to her family. Well the lease is up June 1st. I went and talked to the landlord about staying in the apartment because I despise moving. I thought maybe he would give me a good deal like he was going to with a year lease last time we renewed so I went up to his office and talked to him. He was really excited to hear that I wanted to stay, so he had me fill out another application for my husband since he is not on the lease. I took the application and brought it home.

Well the next day, I had a letter attached to my door and it was a notice saying our lease was up and we needed to talk about renewing if we wanted. On the sheet of paper, he had the rates that he would charge from anywhere from 1 month to a year. Well rent was going up too much!

I pay $1250 a month and I have to pay all utilities. The whole apartment runs on electric, so my electric bill is through the roof in the winter time. Well for a year lease, he was going to charge me $1350. Are you kidding me?? This place doesn't even have a washer/dryer in the unit and nothing is energy efficient.
I talked to him the next day and told him if he couldn't at least keep the rent the same, I was going to have to move because I can't afford anymore. Well he got really nasty with me and told me the least he could do was $1345. Well screw that!

So that now leads me to finding a new apartment...cheaper.
I have until June 3rd to move and that date is rapidly approaching. It stresses me out so much to think about moving and finding an apartment and being able to afford a move, but I know I can knock out one large amount in order to pay a lot less throughout the next year.

According to all the listings I've seen, I can get a 2 bedroom apartment for $875-$1000 a month, including all utilities or at least just paying electric with apartments that have gas heating. So I know I can find a deal. I just wish it wasn't so stressful!!!!

Did you read my post about the American Cancer Society Relay for Life that I'm participating in?
It's not too late to donate! Just click on the image below and it takes you to my web page so I can raise $100 for a great cause! 8 more days to go!!


Trudy said...

Sorry to hear you have to make another move Nikke. I know it is a huge pain in the butt, but hopefully you will be able to find something a bit more affordable and stay there for a while!Will keep you in my prayers that something comes up soon for you guys!Blessings,Trudy

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