Jun 30, 2010

Re-occurring nightmares

As I've mentioned before, I usually have some weird dreams...when I decide I'm going to remember them.
For the past month now, I've been having 2 re-occurring dreams.
One can be read here.
The other one just haunts me after I wake up and throughout the day, and just chills me to the bone.

I'm in my apartment and I have some friends over.
I'm having a dinner party, and everyone is laughing and having a good time, glasses of wine sitting around and being sipped on by my friends.
It's really sunny outside and I open the sliding glass door to feel the sun on my face while I'm waiting for the timer to go off for the roast.

As soon as I open the door, the sky goes black and it's dark and cold.
I look around and everyone is lifeless, not talking, and the wine is gone.
I check the oven, but the food is not there. I ask everyone what is happening and they look at me and tell me to be quiet or "they" will hear us.
I ask them who "they" are, when someone comes crashing through the window with weapons. I can't exactly see what the weapons are, but I know they have them.

We all run to my room, but "they" are fast. One guy is in my room and laughing at us. Saying we aren't going to trick him.
I'm so delirious at this point and don't know what's going on. All I know is that I need to get everyone safe and I need to do it fast.
I notice I have a pair of scissors in my hands and I somehow break free from the group in my room and run down the hall into my living room and I jump on the couch.
One of the guys is really fast and meets me there. He jumps on me and is trying to kill me.
Somehow I get him flipped over and I'm behind him. I take my scissors and I stab him in the side, exactly like I know where to hit him so I puncture his lung.
Everyone with "them" see what happens and they all get scared and run off from where they came, leaving the guy I killed behind.

This is where I wake up and I'm crying. It feels so real and I'm scared out of my mind when I wake up.
Aaron usually has to tell me it's going to be ok, but what he doesn't know is, it's not ok in my mind.

I remember EVERY detail of the dream...down to the facial expression of the man who I kill in my dream.
I've never been able to remember faces in my dreams. I know who the person is, just by "knowing", but I've never seen a detail of the face.

What is wrong with me??

These dreams are scaring me so bad, I don't want to sleep at night.
Does anyone know of a place where I can maybe get my dreams interpreted or does anyone know how?
I'm open to anything.
Jun 28, 2010

Substance award

The Rules:
•Thank the blogger who awarded it to you.

•Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience using five (5) words

•Pass it on to 10 other blogs which you feel have real substance.

Well first, I'd like to thank Amy over at A Perfectly Unperfect Girl for passing on this award to me.

My 5 words for summing up my blog:
Just being the awesome me!

I don't let anyone get to me. I write what I want and what I feel like writing. You may not agree with it, you may feel the need to judge, but I'm not here to please anyone or to write what I think people may want to read.
If you don't like it, feel free to move along to the next blog.
You won't hurt my feelings, I promise.

Now I need to pass this award on to people I choose.

  1. INfertile Myrtle

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  3. gabby, she wrote

  4. Wearing Mascara

  5. In Due Time

  6. Third Time's a Charm

  7. Our Daily Blessing...Life

I would add more if I could. As of right now, because of my loss of my Blogger account, I have lost almost all of my blogroll, but these ladies are the best!
I enjoy reading their blogs every day.
So stop by and check them out!

I survived!

Well I survived the weekend yard sale with the mother-in-law.
It was pretty decent. We had a good turn out.
We got a lot of furniture gone which I'm so happy for because I was tired of being called over there to move it!
Plus, I got a few things that I could use in my new apartment.
So overall, it was a good weekend.

I'm really not prepared for the work week since I've been so busy on the weekends. I really need a vacation!
Jun 26, 2010

I got goodies in my mailbox

Awhile back I became a BzzAgent.
A friend of mine started talking to me about new products she was receiving and if I was interested, she would give me a coupon to try it out.
I asked her how she was getting these products and she told me about BzzAgent.
I saw many things that I could sign up for and try. I simply signed up for what I wanted to try, they would send it to my mailbox, and I spread the word.

I signed up and came across a campaign with göt2b Smooth Operator brand hair products. I have always been a göt2b fan, so I thought I would try out the new product.

Three days later, this came to me:

I was given a few coupons to pass out to people I know and also sample packs.
The first night I got the package, I tried the hair product in my hair and it was wonderful!
It's called göt2b Smooth Operator Lustre Lotion and that's what it does to your hair!
I tend to have really dry, frizzy hair, but this hair lotion made it feel soft and silky.

If you're interested in receiving products like this, go on over to BzzAgent and sign up.

Disclosure: I was given samples of göt2b Smooth Operator Lustre Lotion at no cost to facilitate my review. Receiving the sample product has in no way, shape or form, affected my personal review nor mandated that I host a giveaway.
Jun 25, 2010

Yardsale Weekend

Image courtesy of Google Images

Someone told my mother-in-law that I only work half days on Fridays, so somehow I got suckered in to helping her with her yard sale.

My plans for the weekend were to sit around on my butt and watch TV, but hey...who wants to pass up having a yard sale all week with someone who probably is going to be drunk the whole time?? Not me! (please note sarcasm)

So here's to some good luck and great weather for the yard sale!

I'll let you all know if I survived when I do my weekend recap.

Caio Blogarinos!
Jun 24, 2010

I think AT&T is trying to screw me

I will admit that I'm a lazy person when it comes to bill paying.
I procrastinate until my bill is absolutely due, and then I scramble to pay for it online.

Having an iPhone has made it much easier! Especially with all of the apps they have now for just about anything.

Well I went to pay my AT&T bill using my app on the iPhone and I noticed my bill was much larger.
I pay the exact same each month since I got the darn thing. Why was it $30 more??????

So I set on doing some research.
I went to the website and logged in to view my ENTIRE bill. This thing was 54 pages long!!!!! (Yeah, I text A LOT!)

I looked at my number, nothing.
Looked at Aaron's number, nothing.
Then I see it...

(Click on image to make larger)

There are 2 charges on there for stupid spam things!
Lately, Aaron and I both have been getting text messages to sign up for service that cost $9.99 a month and you can see your crush name or something like that. In the message, it says to reply STOP if you don't want to receive anymore offers.
Well, we both have text back with STOP in the message. Apparently, it then charges you for the service, but sends nothing to you saying you have.

I was furious! I was at work when I saw this and called them right away because I wanted it off of my bill!
My co-worker saw what was on my bill and decided to check hers as well.
She had the same charges on her bill too!

I was lucky enough to get a hold of someone and they fixed my bill right away. They told me it was going to be on next month's bill as well, because it looked like it was renewed, so they gave me next month's refund as well.

I will now be checking my full bill every month to make sure nothing like this happens again.

Jun 23, 2010

Congratulations Michelle & John G.

This past Saturday I went to Aaron's cousin, Michelle's, wedding.
There was an announcement a week ago and I happened to have the day off, so I went with my mother-in-law.
I'm glad I did! Because my mother-in-law and myself were the only members of the Brown Family that attended.
I felt so horrible! I later found out that other cousins, aunts and uncles, grandparents went to other functions and some even went to another wedding of a friend!

For a wedding that was so short notice, it was a beautiful ceremony. I took some pictures with my little point and shoot camera, so some of them came out a little blurry, but the one's outside came out really decent.

Michelle had such a beautiful dress, her husband was dressed in military, her daughter (14 months) was the little flower girl. It was so cute!

After the ceremony we went to the American Legion and had the reception.
Although it was getting late and my mother-in-law had to get back into Anchorage, so we dropped off our gifts, said our congrats and left.

So I want to say, "Welcome to the family John!! We're all nuts!"

Jun 22, 2010

Pictures of the Brown Family picnic

So as I've mentioned before, Aaron's cousin (Shanon) came to visit everyone in Alaska after being gone for many years.
I hadn't met Shanon before, so I was pretty excited to meet her because she's the only one out of the family I haven't met.
The family decided to have a huge family BBQ like we did a few years ago when Aaron's other cousin (Robin) came to visit.

So Sunday rolled around and we got up and went to Valley of the Moon park here in Anchorage (which by the way is beautiful) and started unloading everything.
A few hours later, Shanon arrives and I was able to meet her.
She's such a down to earth woman. I had a lot of fun talking to her. I also had fun talking to more of the Brown's.

I've mentioned in my old blog that the Brown's and I don't really get along.
I get along great with maybe 4 other people besides my in-laws.
It was really weird having everyone talk to me while hanging out at the picnic. Maybe they're finally starting to accept me...

So anywho, like every Brown Family function, there's always pictures and in the 3 years that I dated Aaron and the 1.5 years we've been married, I proudly show you the very first picture I've been in with the Brown Family.

June 13, 2010
I made a copy of the photo and now have it hanging in my new apartment. I've needed some pictures!

Thursday night we went to Uncle Charlie's house and had a get-together so we could hang out with Shanon a little more. She was pulled in so many directions with everyone else in the family. It was really nice.

Now we have another person to visit on the East Coast when I go back home to visit my family!

Here's some more photos that were taken during the picnic.

Jun 21, 2010

Weekend Recap

For the past week I've been so busy with life!

Aaron is working now, so I hardly see him. He's doing 24 hour shifts and is only home every other day.

Aaron's cousin flew into town. She hasn't been home for many years and I got to meet her the other night. We had a huge BBQ in her honor. It was a lot of fun.

Aaron's other cousin got married on Saturday. We got a week notice, but I was off of work that day, so I went with my mother-in-law.
We were the only 2 that showed up out of the whole Brown family.

I'm finally getting the Internet turned on at my new apartment and I have a ton of pics to share!

Now, my bed is callin me...

Goodnight Blogarinos!
Jun 20, 2010

New beginning

Well here I sit.
I have a new blog here at Wordpress.
I didn't plan on moving over here, but I woke up the other day and checked my email and was unable to log in to my account. Well it wouldn't let me. So I tried to retrieve a password and it said my account has been disabled.
I was so mad!

I sent an email to Google to ask why my Gmail account had been disabled and patiently waited for a response.

The next day, I checked my new email address and found a response from them saying I violated the Terms of Service, but they wouldn't tell me what I did to violate them.
So screw it.

I'm now starting a new blog here.
I'm just so upset that my old blog was deleted with no warning or anything. There's 3 years worth of stuff that I wrote about.

Please comment this post with your blog address so I can make a list of everyone I followed since I lost my blog roll.
I'll be working on my blog for a bit and get a Google Friend Connect so all of you that did follow my old blog can follow the new one.

Here's to another 3 years…maybe more!
Jun 11, 2010

10 things I vow to do this summer

01. Have more BBQ's
02. Go fishing at a lake
03. Go fishing at a river
04. Go camping
05. Sort through all of my stuff in my apartment
06. Take my nephew to the park
07. Meet more of my husband's family
08. Save money to take a trip
09. Get outside for more walks
10. Enjoy the sun

What are some things you VOW to do this summer?

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Jun 10, 2010

My landlord and lesson learned

My new landlord is friggin' awesome!
He let us move in 8 days early without charging extra, he comes over right away when we have a problem, he comes to the hospital and texts me when it's time for rent so I can run down and give it to him, and he checks in every so often to see if there are any problems. All in all he's a great guy!

Well last week, rent was due and I called him to tell him I had a check.
I had gone to the bank and gotten a cashier's check instead o writing a personal check because when you're poor like me, and the landlord sets on your check for a week or two before cashing it, it completely messes with my banking and I ALWAYS go in the hole in my account.

Well my landlord texted me at work and said he was in the lobby, so I ran downstairs and gave it to him. It was almost perfect timing because I was off in 15 minutes. So after handing him my cashier's check, he told me he was going to check some keys for me and he'd see me at the apartment.

15 minutes go by and I clock out. I drove home, which I seriously live 1.3 miles from where I work and I turned on my street.
I noticed my landlord's truck racing behind me as I pulled into my parking spot. He jumped out of the car and raced up to me and asked me to help him find the check.
My jaw dropped down to the ground.
He had lost my check!

I asked him if he checked all of his pockets, looked around in his truck, looked around the property, and looked in the hallways. I was frantic for him!
We ended up not finding it, so he asked me to call the bank and ask if I could put a stop payment on the check. He left to look at other places.
In the meantime, I called my bank and they told me because it was a cashier's check, it would take up to 30 days to get his money! I was freakin' out at this point.

It was about 20 minutes later and my landlord calls me back and tells me he found the check. I asked him where he found it and he laughed and told me he found it in one of the lower pockets in his pants. I started laughing at him. I'm so glad he found it!

So what have I learned from this experience?
Don't ever get a cashier's check for him again.
Next month I will be directly depositing rent money into his bank account!

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Jun 9, 2010

Prayer Request: Local police officer shot

A police officer was shot earlier this morning in my neighborhood.
It was a routine traffic stop.
She pulled over a car and walked up to it when someone opened fire and shot her multiple times.
She is still alive, but needs major prayer.

This is the second police officer shooting in just a few months apart.

Glad to see we have a police officer sitting outside on our street.

Police officers are out there for our protection. Who is out there for theirs?

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Jun 4, 2010

TGIF! A wrap up of my week

Finished moving things around and unpacking!

Been working a crazy work week. So many things are happening in our town and we've been beefing up security at the hospital for certain critical patients.

Been busy training new people that my boss hired. I tell ya, he sucks at finding the right people for this job.

They are negotiating a new contract with the hospital. Guess we're going to have even MORE responsibilities. Oh the joy!

I'm in the middle of my 2WW.

We've been having this crazy moose run around our neighborhood for 2 days now! She has 2 babies and is VERY protective of them.

Moose are such beautiful creatures!

Summer FINALLY made it to Alaska. I'm so happy!!! The light 24/7 has been hard to get used to, but I've finally been able to manage.

These pics were taken at 2:15am! It would have been a lot brighter if it weren't so cloudy. The sun peaked out of them a few times.

And for the news I've been waiting on for so long...
Hubs has a job now!
It's not his dream job, but it's something to help me pay the bills.

Hope everyone has a great Friday!

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Jun 2, 2010

Dear Sandman

Please come visit me.
I'm so very tired.


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