Jun 24, 2010

I think AT&T is trying to screw me

I will admit that I'm a lazy person when it comes to bill paying.
I procrastinate until my bill is absolutely due, and then I scramble to pay for it online.

Having an iPhone has made it much easier! Especially with all of the apps they have now for just about anything.

Well I went to pay my AT&T bill using my app on the iPhone and I noticed my bill was much larger.
I pay the exact same each month since I got the darn thing. Why was it $30 more??????

So I set on doing some research.
I went to the website and logged in to view my ENTIRE bill. This thing was 54 pages long!!!!! (Yeah, I text A LOT!)

I looked at my number, nothing.
Looked at Aaron's number, nothing.
Then I see it...

(Click on image to make larger)

There are 2 charges on there for stupid spam things!
Lately, Aaron and I both have been getting text messages to sign up for service that cost $9.99 a month and you can see your crush name or something like that. In the message, it says to reply STOP if you don't want to receive anymore offers.
Well, we both have text back with STOP in the message. Apparently, it then charges you for the service, but sends nothing to you saying you have.

I was furious! I was at work when I saw this and called them right away because I wanted it off of my bill!
My co-worker saw what was on my bill and decided to check hers as well.
She had the same charges on her bill too!

I was lucky enough to get a hold of someone and they fixed my bill right away. They told me it was going to be on next month's bill as well, because it looked like it was renewed, so they gave me next month's refund as well.

I will now be checking my full bill every month to make sure nothing like this happens again.


Megan said...

What a load of crap! Glad you got it taken care of ASAP though!!

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