Jun 22, 2010

Pictures of the Brown Family picnic

So as I've mentioned before, Aaron's cousin (Shanon) came to visit everyone in Alaska after being gone for many years.
I hadn't met Shanon before, so I was pretty excited to meet her because she's the only one out of the family I haven't met.
The family decided to have a huge family BBQ like we did a few years ago when Aaron's other cousin (Robin) came to visit.

So Sunday rolled around and we got up and went to Valley of the Moon park here in Anchorage (which by the way is beautiful) and started unloading everything.
A few hours later, Shanon arrives and I was able to meet her.
She's such a down to earth woman. I had a lot of fun talking to her. I also had fun talking to more of the Brown's.

I've mentioned in my old blog that the Brown's and I don't really get along.
I get along great with maybe 4 other people besides my in-laws.
It was really weird having everyone talk to me while hanging out at the picnic. Maybe they're finally starting to accept me...

So anywho, like every Brown Family function, there's always pictures and in the 3 years that I dated Aaron and the 1.5 years we've been married, I proudly show you the very first picture I've been in with the Brown Family.

June 13, 2010
I made a copy of the photo and now have it hanging in my new apartment. I've needed some pictures!

Thursday night we went to Uncle Charlie's house and had a get-together so we could hang out with Shanon a little more. She was pulled in so many directions with everyone else in the family. It was really nice.

Now we have another person to visit on the East Coast when I go back home to visit my family!

Here's some more photos that were taken during the picnic.



Trudy said...

Looks like a really fun time and a beautiful park! Glad you enjoyed yourself and were able to meet Shanon too.

Thanks for the new blog address! Seems like everyone is moving over to wordpress lately.

God bless you Nikke!

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