Jun 30, 2010

Re-occurring nightmares

As I've mentioned before, I usually have some weird dreams...when I decide I'm going to remember them.
For the past month now, I've been having 2 re-occurring dreams.
One can be read here.
The other one just haunts me after I wake up and throughout the day, and just chills me to the bone.

I'm in my apartment and I have some friends over.
I'm having a dinner party, and everyone is laughing and having a good time, glasses of wine sitting around and being sipped on by my friends.
It's really sunny outside and I open the sliding glass door to feel the sun on my face while I'm waiting for the timer to go off for the roast.

As soon as I open the door, the sky goes black and it's dark and cold.
I look around and everyone is lifeless, not talking, and the wine is gone.
I check the oven, but the food is not there. I ask everyone what is happening and they look at me and tell me to be quiet or "they" will hear us.
I ask them who "they" are, when someone comes crashing through the window with weapons. I can't exactly see what the weapons are, but I know they have them.

We all run to my room, but "they" are fast. One guy is in my room and laughing at us. Saying we aren't going to trick him.
I'm so delirious at this point and don't know what's going on. All I know is that I need to get everyone safe and I need to do it fast.
I notice I have a pair of scissors in my hands and I somehow break free from the group in my room and run down the hall into my living room and I jump on the couch.
One of the guys is really fast and meets me there. He jumps on me and is trying to kill me.
Somehow I get him flipped over and I'm behind him. I take my scissors and I stab him in the side, exactly like I know where to hit him so I puncture his lung.
Everyone with "them" see what happens and they all get scared and run off from where they came, leaving the guy I killed behind.

This is where I wake up and I'm crying. It feels so real and I'm scared out of my mind when I wake up.
Aaron usually has to tell me it's going to be ok, but what he doesn't know is, it's not ok in my mind.

I remember EVERY detail of the dream...down to the facial expression of the man who I kill in my dream.
I've never been able to remember faces in my dreams. I know who the person is, just by "knowing", but I've never seen a detail of the face.

What is wrong with me??

These dreams are scaring me so bad, I don't want to sleep at night.
Does anyone know of a place where I can maybe get my dreams interpreted or does anyone know how?
I'm open to anything.


foresightyourctpsychic said...

Hi Nikke

The best dream interpretation is the one you do yourself ( because, once you know how, you're the one who'll understand your own dream symbols best)

I've got a series of posts on my blog at www.ForesightYourCtPsychic.wordpress.com that teach you how to do this. It's pretty easy to do.

Good luck, dear

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